Private Consultation
New Patient appointment: £200
Follow-up appointment: £120
Steroid Injection: £110
Hand therapy: Please see

The price is set according to the scales produced by the major insurance companies on all of whose lists Mr Bhat is registered. You may wish to inform your insurance company that Mr Bhat follows the WPA pricing scale. In some cases, this may mean that your insurance company may not pay the entire cost of your treatment, leaving you with a shortfall. However, prior discussion with my secretary about any differences is strongly advised. There is scope for a negotiated settlement.

Fixed Price Surgery
Special arrangements can be made to give a price that will include hospital stay, meals and medication, theatre time, surgeon and anaesthetist fees and all follow-up appointments.

Medico-legal Work
Medico-legal reports are prepared and charged according to an hourly professional rate. For details, please go to the medico-legal page.