What can you expect

Patients can expect the following service:

  • Individual, relaxed consultation in well-appointed private rooms.
  • In the Private sector, when a decision is made to Operate, Mr Bhat will perform the surgery. However, in the NHS, this may not be the case. A specially trained assistant may perform application of stitches and plaster casts.
  • The attention of a qualified Hand Therapist both before and after surgery where needed.
  • The Hand Therapist provides custom made splints when needed.
  • Consultant advice before and after surgery.
  • Access to specialised plastic surgery, rheumatology, radiology, neurophysiology and neurology consultants if necessary.
  • Reasonable fees based upon Insurance Company guidelines.
  • Access to consultation and surgery outside of normal scheduled times for urgent problems.
  • Access to one stop ultrasound scan, where possible.
  • Anaesthesia by a Consultant anaesthetist.
  • Advice based upon thorough training, current experience and Continuing Medical Education.
  • Knowledge and experience not only of the common Hand, Wrist, Elbow, Shoulder, Foot and Nerve conditions, but also the more unusual or difficult conditions such as Brachial Plexus injuries, and Children’s Hand Problems.
  • Advice and treatment of general orthopaedic problems including Hips, Knees and feet.
  • Referral to another Surgeon if needed for a second opinion or for advice on a particularly rare, difficult or contentious problem.